How To Start a Production Company

How To Start A Production Company

This article is about how to start a production company, and will work for both film production as well as music production.  The rules for starting any type of business will be different from location to location, therefore you will have to find out from the city as well as the state or province you are in on what is expected.  In either case you still need to do other things to get started.

You will need a business name, business license, and a lawyer to get started.  You will also need to decide on if you are working as a proprietor or as a corporation.  Then you need to register with any governing agencies that are necessary.  You will also need a business number or tax number.  Also you may need a variety of insurances depending on what you are doing.

The next step to starting a production company is for you to get all of the necessary equipment that you will require.  You can buy the equipment outright or in many cases you should be able to lease the equipment.

How to Start a Film Production Company

A film production company is going to need a lot of people on your team for you to succeed.  After you have been filming you need to put everything together.  To do this you will need to either hire an editing company or edit the film yourself.  Most new production companies will hire an editing company as the expense to buy this equipment can be quite high.

After your film has been produced you need to get the film to market.  The normal avenue to do this is to take your film to television stations to show the film.  If you are creating something that you are hoping to turn into a television series then you will need to sign with one station per country, or sell the rights to a company that deals with multiple countries.  Some stations will pay you for the film, some will allow you to sell the commercials that are on during the film.  If you are an unknown producer then most likely you will have to pay the channel to show the film and you will have to find advertisers to advertise during the film.

One way to get started in the film production arena is to market your services to music bands that play in bars and pubs.  These people might already have a music producer but might be able to use a film producer to create a music video that they will sell to their fan base.  Rather than making that first hit movie which it very tough to do you could easily find 50 bands that want to produce a music video.  The downside is you get paid for your services instead of getting paid an ongoing royalty for life.

This is a tough industry to break into, but if this is your goal then work hard and go for it.

How to Start a Music Production Company

A music production company is a lot different from a film production company.  You will need a studio that you can record in.  This can be something that can fit into the basement of your house.  Keep in mind that if you are working out of your basement any singer or band that has any real talent might feel you are to small to bother with.  Luckily bands are a dime a dozen.  I always say do whatever you need to do to get where it is you want to go.  Within legal reason of course.

Also unlike a film production company you can hire out your music production services to bands that are looking to produce a CD.  These people won’t be selling their music in music stores therefore you won’t get a lifelong royalty, but at least you are bringing in some cash while you are building your music production company.

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How To Start A Production Company

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